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Find Your Inner Peace 

Through Dance Meditation

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Dance in the Spirit, LLC

By drawing upon dance as a spiritual pathway to enhance and deepen recovery through spiritual retreats, workshops, and guidance to individuals, Dance in the Spirit connects sacred dance from all cultures with human growth, wellbeing, and spiritual enrichment.

Dr. Carla Walter

Sacred Dance, Sacred Writing, Sacred Wholeness

Carla Walter, PhD, MBA, BA, C-Spiritual Counselor, C-Associate Diplomate Osteopathy, C-D/MT has long known the redemptive, growth, and healing powers of sacred dance and spiritual journey writing. In founding Dance in the Spirit, LLC (TM), her goal continues to be providing individuals with the opportunity to truly know their Higher Selves and to enjoy a fulfilled life. Bringing together spiritual practices from around the globe, Dr. Walter teaches you how to use these creative expressive means in gaining a practical but much needed process to living and achieving your intentions. She is an award winning author, choreographer, and educator, with over two decades of sacred dance experience, spiritual healing modalities. Through her private consultations, classes, workshops, and retreats Dr. Walter offers the advanced and beginner spiritual seeker much needed respite and opportunities to engage in higher level connections to Self.


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American Dance Therapy Association

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Dance Studies Association

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Sacred Dance Guild

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to ignite the human spirit through dance by tapping into intercultural histories and dance traditions. We diffuse spiritual growth through daily dance meditation, spiritual writing, meditating, visioning, envisioning, and affirming clearly.

Our work is suited to anyone who seeks an enlightening experience and a full and fulfilled life. No dance experience is required! All dances are done in the form of drawing on daily movements of the body.

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