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Sacred Dance Meditation 

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Daily Dance Meditations

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A Soulfulfilled Tree

January 20

The Passage

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life incorporates the Light that reaches to the heavens and through the Earth, with Soul Circles that represent Soulfulfilled levels of awareness. In practice we activate the Tree of Life by embracing the efforts and harnessing energy required for evolution. Adapting the Tree of Life metaphor, human bodies are carriers of Spirit with branches reaching to the heavens, and roots going into the Earth. This Tree of Life is a mirror image reflection of the cosmos, which we know is continuing to grow and expand. As above, so below, as the saying goes. If the Universe is continuing to grow and develop, though it may be beyond our comprehension, it must stand to reason that a Soulfilled awareness will allow me to invite stepping up to new planes.

The Meditation

On this plane, the Earth is the incubation place for all seeds. With careful attention to the seedlings, growth occurs. Water, light, enriched soil, and space, are some of the needs of a growing and expanding tree. Its needs for these are clear; without them a tree stagnates and dies. Likewise the human Being can be represented as a tree being ever expansive through Soul fulfilling nurturing. What do I need to do today to nurture my growth and expansion of my Soul towards fulfillment? Is there any resistance? One required ingredient is the belief that my Soul is real, it’s not made up or some kind of trick. The Soul resides in the Light of the Spiritual Realms, which is as real as the perceived ground. In this celebration of the New Year, what ways can you note that will keep you in tune with the Reality of Soul being in need of fulfillment and nurturing? What is your intention to have grow and expand in you this year? Take a few moments and note these intentions in your journal. Be mindful of the fact that what you think comes into creation, and ensure that you are talking about intentions now, not tomorrow.

Today’s Dance Remembered

I stand with palms outstretched to the heavens, while being rooted to the Earth. Deeply I recall that I have been planted here. I consciously remember that my palms push forward when I wipe or reach for something, and my heels press into the earth with every step. As my Spirit is the central focus of my Tree of Life, and I am Spiraling upward on and through it, I bring Light into my Soul as well as release Soulfulfilled energy into the planes. I recognize this as an immediate happening as I celebrate new creations.

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