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Daily Dance Meditation

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Self Deception

The Passage

Peoples of the Horn of Africa enjoyed knowing the Divine and the certainty of the Spiritual realms. They were clearly gifted with many natural Earthly resources, so that they were a geographical trading point with Arabia and Egypt, the location where many queens and kings sought after for all manner of spices and goods and positive experiences. In this region of the world, the people were connected to the Kingdom within, had a conception of the transition from life to death, and were able to be in unison with their Ancestors. However, there were considerations for being tricked and people were warned about being on the look out for wandering too far from the path and the tribe. That voice of caution would be the one that helped steer the course and ensure prosperity for the community, which in turn, ensured it for the individual. They knew what they knew, knew what was important, and followed that knowing. They desired communion with Spirit, practiced increasing that communion, and attracted the Light right into the community. What do I know? What do I desire? What do I envision, for myself, and my community? Make some notes about this in your journal.

The Meditation

We fool ourselves into believing certain things are false and we refuse to believe certain things that are true. We live our truth whether we know it or not and people read it when they see us. Self-deception—when we live in denial or lie to ourselves—comes out in how we think and our beliefs, behaviors, emotional reactions, in our relationships, and, how we treat the Earth. If we are driven by something outside of our awareness, it can be problematic. Sometimes we mask ourselves so that we deny aspects, or events, of the outer world that pose a threat to our self-image. At times of grief self-deception can fall away, so that we can see the true Self. But often if we detect that our character was in anyway built on a false set of truths, sometimes we add on more self-deception because it’s too painful. We go back to daily routines, buy stuff, and try to conform. The question is can we know what we know, that is that the life we live on Earth is one directed internally by Source, effected externally by the beliefs of many, while we also desire and envision a directed upwardly spiraling Spiritual path? How can we be authentic with ourselves, reflect that authenticity in our community, without needing approval in the face of what is? How can this help us find stability?

Today’s Dance Remembered

It takes courage to jump from self-deception to self-honesty. However, this courage adds to my sense of stability and so today, I will take small jumps to a place that allows me to see myself truly.

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