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Dance in the Spirit Journal ISSN 2639-2259 is published quarterly. Our inaugural issue will be published, Volume 1, Number 1, in late August 2018. It will be published quarterly each year (August, November, February, and May). 

This is an online journal. Please click to subscribe.

We pay $600-$1,200 US Dollars per accepted article, depending on length.

We publish artlcles between 2,500 and 6,000 words. Please contact us with questions or queries.

Our interest is in articles that are about dance and how dance has empowered or encouraged you to grow, heal, recover, change, and how you consider dance a part of your daily meditation practice. We love reading good stories, personal essays, creative nonfiction in nature, and that are written from the core of your spirit. Video or pictures accompanying your story are welcome, provided that it is 30 seconds long or less, and that you can confirm you own the rights. We only publish original work so please only send in what you have not already published. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted because authors will be notified of acceptance 10 business days after the submission deadline. 

Our next open submission period is October 15, 2018 - January 5, 2019 for V1, N3, "The Season of Light" themed issue. V1, N4 will focus on The Power of Dance!

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