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Spiritual Journey Writing

Together we will create a safe environment for creativity and expression, growth and healing, beauty and imagining.

You'll devote your attention to:

  • Attracting, visioning, and arranging the life 
  • Dance Meditations leading to Power
  • Spiritual resting
  • Stating and setting intentions
  • Designing a written record and your personal spiritual/mystical directions
At the retreat you'll receive:
  1. Private as well as group discussion and support 
  2. A way to continue your dancing meditations
  3. Workbooks, books, and materials to support your practice in the future
  4. A network of others who are like-minded that you may remain connected with in time and space

Fee $760. Registration closes on August 31.

Accommodations are booked separately by clicking here until August 20.

Sacred Dance Meditation Unity Village Retreat
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The Dance of Power 

Engaging Spirit in your Business Practice

Westin Mission Hills, Golf Resort & Spa

Rancho Mirage, California

October 4 – 7, 2019

Business leaders respond from the deep call of Spirit to offer goods and services. Without them, humanity wouldn’t be able to enjoy the necessities or luxuries of living on Earth. We’ve told that asking and believing it’s your, it shall be given. But, you ask, do we have to work 24/7?

At this retreat for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and senior executive professionals, you’ll energize your Chi so that your batteries are recharged. In the words of Zen Master and spiritual leader, Thich Nhat Hanh, you’ll take sacred dance meditation into your Breath and learn to focus on it continually, which he and other gurus have taught, is the Life Force of your Soul. During your time at this retreat with other like-minded individuals, you’ll create a spiritual map for your business which connects to your mission and intentions for your organization. As Joan Borysenko encourages us to do, you will meditate using sacred dance to establish the point of relaxation, focus your attention, and be able to maintain that attention when you return to your day to day routine.

Now science tells us that the brain is responsible for thoughts and feelings. But what of the body? Somatic psychotherapy shows us that the body is the carrier of our thoughts and feelings. Like creating a pro forma revenue and expense document to guide you, leading from a bottom up approach in terms of somatic movement has been shown to be more effective in business success. Creative choreography is used to get you to imagine what you haven’t and to apply it to your business’s wellbeing. Just as Maslow has taught us, the Self Actualized organization is one that has freed itself from lower level concerns and is ready to contribute to a thriving and supportive social community. Help your employees, and your management team learn to tap into the body and mind for their own Awakening.

Many CEOs from those who lead from IDEO to Kaiser Permanente, as well as entrepreneurs know the value of creativity. At the same time, it’s critical to recognize the value of Spirit—to guide your sacred dance in your calling to business to its Self Realization as you also remain fully Awakened. Of course you’ll have time to play a round of golf, or enjoy time at the spa. Each catered meal comes complete with spiritual conversations.

Dr. Carla Walter, PhD, MBA, C/SC, C/AOM, CD/MT CS/MT facilitates this retreat. As a former CEO in Fortune 500 and publicly traded businesses and one of the fastest growing companies according to Inc. Magazine, she knows what presidents and C-Suite executives face in establishing, strategizing, operating, and growing a business. As a former educator and executive in the non profit world, Dr. Walter also has first hand experience of what it’s like to lead an organization that turns slowly and takes time to change.

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Spiritual Journey Writing

Workshop at Stonebrae Country Club


October 17, 2019

930 a - 4p 

Hayward, California

Sacred Dance Meditation and the Relaxation Response 

for Business Leaders

This workshop guides you through initial sequences of sacred dance meditation and its connection to what Herbert Benson, MD called The Relaxation Response. The workshop provides a complementary process that will support your existing spiritual practice, and align with your sense of the Higher Self, The Divine, and the Ultimate Reality. This workshop particularly welcomes business owners and executives.  Simple easy to follow low impact movements are engaged, along with writing and reflecting. Light breakfast, plated lunch, and mid afternoon snacks are included. Please register by October 1, 2019. Rotarians and Chamber of Commerce members, please register below for your discounted rate!

Stonebrae Country Club Workshop
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Upcoming Retreats

Friday October 4 - Monday October 7, 2019

 Rancho Mirage, California

Palm Springs Area of Southern California

Friday March 6 - Sunday March 8, 2020

Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa

Rancho Mirage, California

Palm Springs Area of Southern California

Wednesday June 17 - Monday June 22, 2020

Unity Village Retreat and Conference Center

Unity Village, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri Area

Spiritual Journey Writing

 Sacred Dance Meditation Retreat

Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado

We are full! Our next Sunrise Ranch Retreat will be August 13 - 16, 2020. 

Sacred Dance Meditation Sunrise Ranch Retreat Registration
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